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Father Figures: The mysteries of the Japanese family in anime

Father Figures
The mysteries of the Japanese family in anime
Cameron Carrington

Imagine this scenario for a moment. You are a Japanese teenage boy attending high school and attempting, as best you can, to prepare yourself for the pressure cooker that is adult life in the modern Japanese culture. You are studious and polite. You aren’t in bad physical shape and are relatively rational and even tempered. Your dad is a widower and a bit of a pervert, but that seems to be relatively well accepted. The real treat however is your grandfather. You see, a long time ago your grandpa had been well, quite the heartbreaker. He was also a bit of a coward and wastrel and ran away from his responsibilities to live in near exile. Literal generations have passed however and now when grandpa’s exes and responsibilities come calling it is your responsibility to deal with them. Such is your life if you are Tenchi Masaki from the Tenchi Muyo: Ryo-Ohki O.V.A.s and the Television series as well. The question is why? Continue reading →