Nerd Night 11-17-14 Featured Game: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Far Cry 3 : Blood Dragon
Game review/plug
By Scott Warford

Starting on the three year anniversary of Nerd Night, we added a permanent gaming element to the event, with each week featuring a game specially chosen by one of our staffers for one reason and one reason alone: Because they love it.  For our first installment of this, Scott Warford, one of the major editors and producers of the Nerd Night video track has selected Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.   Below is his write up!

It was back in 2004 when I first starting playing Far Cry, the first game in the series. You play a former US Special Forces Operative that is stranded on a mysterious archipelago. I was hooked from the beginning, fighting my way off the weird-but-cool island.  I was thrown for a loop by the mind fuck twist at last chapter, yet it demonstrated how awesomely twisted further games in the series would become.

Fast Forward eight years: I was playing Far Cry 3 several times over wondering “how could they top this?” when I saw a cheesy promo for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon”.  It is set in a dystopian 2007, “80’s VHS vision of the future”.  You play as Sergeant Rex Power Colt and are charged with killing the bad guys, saving the world, and getting the girl!  Your nemesis is Colonel Sloan, who commands the Omega force: a cyborg army augmented by mother-fucking dragons that shoot mother fucking lasers!

The game play is similar to Far Cry 3, with the player wielding heavily modified firearms, high yield explosives, and a big ass knife to slaughter their way through the main missions.  The game is a rich satire of 80’s action films, with Rex spewing quotes that give Arnold Schwarzenegger a run for his money.  My only criticism is that I wish the game was longer.  I’ll leave you with some quotes, you can imagine the circumstances in which they are uttered.

“I had my eye on him.”
“I really stuck it to him.”
“I gave him the shaft.”
“Guess I’m coming out of my shell.”
“He said blow me… So I did.”