Nerd Night 12/1/14 Featured Game: We Love Katamari

We Love Katamari
A nerd night review
Allexus Scott

“We love Katamari” is a great game, like all the Katamari games. It is the second game in the franchise, and is pretty simple to understand. Whether you are playing it yourself, or just watching someone, the eccentric and colorful experience is a lot of fun!

The story is simple: you are a prince of a disappointed and drunken father The King Of All Cosmos. Your objective is to create a “Katamari” by pushing around a ball and slowly adding thing to it as you go. As you get bigger so do the size of the things you can pickup, and as such you grow exponentially. You start with small things such as dust and buttons, and then move to cups, dogs, people, houses, skyscrapers, islands and so on. The challenge is time. Each level has a time limit wherein you try to create as large a Katamari as possible. After time runs out, you present it to your father, who will insult you and turn it into a planet and places it in the solar system. When you have enough plants you use the earth as a Katamari to roll up the sun.

This Katamari game has both a cooperative mode and a battle mode. The cooperative version has it to where each player controls the speed and direction in which half of the Katamari rolls. The battle mode sees each player having their own Katamari and the winner is who ever completes the goal first.

I think the best reason to have this game at Nerd Night would be because Armageddicon has a “Katamari clause” in all of its hotel contacts. Most hotels have no idea what that means, and only a few have bothered to ask about it. Other than that, it is a game many people in the nerd community have played before, you even see some people cosplaying as characters from it at different anime conventions.  Its oddities and uniqueness have given it a large cult following, and left it with something of a sacred reputation amongst the scene.

I enjoy everything about this game. My first experience with the Katamari franchise was just watching some friends play it. The first time you see someone play this game it seem very odd. Some little green creature is pushing this ball around and picking up random items here and there.  It just seems weird. Your opinion doesn’t change once you play for yourself, but its mathematical structure, stylized design, and ethereal music become hypnotic, and it can be difficult to look away. I am not the best at this game, but I still think it is fun. At some point it doesn’t really matter if you complete your goal or not because your dad with insult you either way! The driving factor quickly shifts away from the actual objective to trying to grow as quickly as possible to see what all things you can pick up by the end!

This game will be great in the bar setting. It is easy and doesn’t need a lot of continuous attention. It is definitely a game you can play leave it and come back to it with no issue.