Punch Foods: Buddha’s Hand Chutney

You might not guess it, but a big part of Anime Punch staff culture is cooking.  Almost all of our internal parties are built around a feast, and in our day to day lives exploring new foods, flavors, restaurants, drinks, and so forth is a major hobby.  Maybe it’s because we live in the heart of a foodie town, or maybe it’s just because food is awesome, but food is at our core.  So, we’re going to start something new and put some of our exploits online to see if people like it!

Ideally, all the recipes will be something you can throw together with exotic ingredients that we found locally.  So up first, is a chutney using mango, persimmon, and Buddha’s hand.


To explain why we are doing this… we have a duck.  Soon we are going to roast this duck, and I want something to eat it with.  So, I went to Saraga, a local international market with a very wide selection of out-there stuff all poorly organized throughout their multiple redundant departments.  There I found a Buddha’s hand, and got it because it looked sweet.  I also grabbed a Himalayan persimmon because they were on sale all over the place.  Last, I grabbed a mango and an orange because I figured sweet and citrusy flavors go good with ducks.


When I got home, the persimmon was amazingly sweet, and the Buddha’s hand tasted like lemon that wasn’t bitter or sour, so I got it in my head to do a mango-lemon chutney for the duck!

Half a mango
One Himalayan persimmon
Part on an onion
A very small red bell pepper
The bottom of the Buddha’s Hand
Brown sugar
Plum Vinegar
Dried Chili flakes
A little oil
Some ginger
Curry powder
Pineapple juice

I would give you quantities, but we never really do those.

I skinned the mango and persimmon because the skin was thick and I thought that might be annoying to eat.  I diced everything, and smashed up some ginger


I heated the onions, oil and chili’s to soften them up.  Once the onions were soft I added the peppers and Buddha’s hand to do the same.  All this was with medium heat, stirring often.  Finally I added the fruit and stirred until it was all warm.


In another bowl, I had combined a small amount of plum vinegar (it is really potent), the juice, sugar, and curry.  I probably had too much fluid, but it doesn’t seem to have hurt anything.  I poured it in and let it simmer for a lot longer than I normally would, as there was a lot of fluid, and I want this to be more like a jam.IMG_20141205_211413_103IMG_20141205_212217_019

I put it in a jar to set and wait for us to cook a duck.  At first sampling it is a good combination of spicy and sweet, with a lemony aftertaste.


Everything you need for this recipe can be found at Saraga on Morse road for about 10 bucks!

If you like us posting recipes, let us know on our facebook page and we’ll keep it up!