Nerd Night 12-22-14 Featured Game: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World the Game
A Nerd Night featured game review
Brian Larson

Based off the movie, based of the Canadian comic, the game is an old style beat-em-up that supports up to 4 players. It is very reminiscent of the old ninja turtles or X men arcade machines, but with more complex violence. I downloaded it off PSN because I loved the movie, but I finished it for love of the game. It was loaded with super Nintendo era references, the general style (based of the comic) was very engrossing, and all the nostalgia that comes with beating up dozens of baddies with help from weapons dropped by enemies, the environment, and help from my friends took me back to my childhood gaming roots.


As a fan of the movie, it was great to relive kicking the ass of every evil ex from the movie Moreover, the in-game battles tend to last a lot longer than their counterparts in the film. The battles stick closely to the source, with first guy summoning demon hipster chicks, the vegan throwing things at you with his mind, and so on. There is an amusing and colorful amount of detail put into each big fight, and which makes for an energizing and vivid experience.


Folks should play this because it stands as one of the rare examples of a video game adaptation from a film made into something worth playing in a world full of shitty movie games. This is also a stunning example of taking an old concept, touching it up a bit, and making it fun. If you’ve ever went to an arcade and played an old style beat-em-up, liked the base material, or are just looking for a good party game, I recommend giving it a download.


Brian Larson is a third year staffer and is the meeting coordinator for AP.